Dunit Contracting's railway maintenance crews proudly serve all of Northwestern Ontario between Thunder Bay and Kenora, Winnipeg Manitoba and surrounding area, Brandon Manitoba and surrounding area as well as in to Saskatchewan and Alberta.


Track Inspections/Switch Inspections

      Dunit Contracting has several qualified Track Inspectors and Switch inspectors to inspect and recommend the necessary repairs to keep your track in compliance. This ensures that the integrity of your track is of the highest standard.  Our goal is to prevent delays to your switching services due to derailments or out of compliance track as well as to reduce costly repairs. Our inspections in conjunction with our maintenance crews will keep you in compliance with your rail service provider.

New Track Construction

     At Dunit Contracting we are qualified in all aspects of new railway construction. Big or small projects, beginning with sub grade work, right up to serviceable track. All of our newly constructed railway tracks are built to industry standards. 

Rail Abandonment

     Dunit Contracting provides track removal and salvage services. We have the equipment needed to remove all track and track components in a safe and cost effective manner. We will salvage all profitable railway materials for you, which includes: re-usable ties and rail for use on other tracks, as well as the stockpiling of non-usable steel for scrap steel sales. 

Track Maintenance

     Dunit Contracting is qualified to perform all track maintenance including:

  • Tie Replacement  
  • Lifting and Lining of Track
  • Switch Maintenance
  • Rail Replacement
  • Gauging
  • Frog Welding
  • Other Track Material (bolts, bars, spikes etc)


Switching Services

     Dunit Contracting has qualified employees and the necessary equipment to provide you with professional, prompt and efficient switching services. Our team will prevent delays and will ensure your product is delivered to market on time. 

Welding/Thermite Welding

     Dunit Contracting's welders are fully qualified in track welding as well as thermite welding.

     Services provided include:

  • Frog Welding/Profile Grinding
  • Joint Build-up/Profile Grinding
  • Industrial Switch Point Rebuilding
  • Thermite Welding- Joint Elimination

Commitment to Safety

          Dunit Contracting's number one commitment is the execution of a safe service. We want nothing more than for our employees to have a safe work environment so that everyone goes home safely at the end of each day. All of our employees are provided with industry standard personal protective equipment and trained on its proper use. Our goal is to prevent any and all accidents and injuries in order to maintain our long standing safety record as well as yours. There are no shortcuts in the rail industry and our decades of experience provide a safe, efficient and top quality job, every time.